Your Home SOLD for FULL Market Price in Just 10 DAYS!! (+ Escrow)

Dear Homeowner… 

Hi, I’m Casey, your *friendly* independent broker, lender, notary, and investor with 10+ years combined experience. I’ve developed a unique method for selling homes QUICKLY, AS-IS, for MARKET PRICE! I’m so confident in this method I am willing to GUARANTEE it.

Let me explain…


A listing agent will “run comps” to find the average price that similar homes have sold for nearby. The agent will recommend listing at or above this price to leave room for negotiations. In trying to win your business it’s very tempting for the agent to overprice your home. The home will sit on the market with no offers and generate the “overpriced” reputation. The agent will then have you lower the price until you get an offer. That takes time and doesn’t help anyone, except maybe the agent who gets free advertising from it.

Even if you price your home “at market” and accept the first good offer, the buyer will tie you up for 10 to 20 days for inspections. Your home goes into “pending” status (escrow). If any issues are discovered, the buyer will ask for repairs or a reduction in price. That’s a stressful negotiation where YOU take all the risk. The buyer can walk away at any time and you’re back on the market with the stigma of a failed escrow. Status changes are public and anyone can see the history.


First, we beat the buyer to the punch by completing the common inspections and disclosures ahead of time. This creates buyer confidence and minimizes surprises during closing.

Then we list your home UNDER market and take offers for 10 days! This will generate a HUGE amount of attention and you will receive multiple offers over list price!  To make it fair for the buyers we disclose all offers and allow everyone to raise the price at any time until the 10 day deadline.

Open competition among the buyers will drive the price up to TRUE market value quickly and will encourage a smooth escrow. And if the top buyer fails to close for whatever reason, you will already have a list of backup buyers ready to take over!

The “Sold in 10 Days” Method

1. Evaluate comparable sales and competition
✔️Actives, Pendings and Solds last 6-12 mo.
✔️Search ALL similar listings in ½-2 mi radius
✔️Condition of property must be factored in!

2. Sign a 60-day listing agreement
✔️Compare to typical 6 MONTH listing
✔️We just need 1-2 weeks prep time, 10 days
on the market, plus the typical 30 day escrow

3. Do all inspections & disclosures IN ADVANCE
✔️Home, Pest, Roof (if has: Septic & Well)
✔️Seller Disclosures ✔️ Prelim title & NHD
✔️Cost: $500-1,000+ (based on size/condition)

4. Declutter/stage, professional photos + video
✔️Home cleaned, de-cluttered or staged
✔️HDR interior/exterior ✔️3D virtual tour
✔️Video walk-through ✔️Drone / aerial

✔️Low starting price for maximum attention
✔️Buyers compete & drive price up to “market”
✔️Not obligated to sell if offers are too low!

6. Beyond MLS: email, postcards & socialmedia
✔️Email local agents ✔️Postcard to neighbors
✔️Targeted online ads: Google, Facebook, etc
✔️Upgraded listing on Zillow ✔️Craigslist, etc

7. DAILY OPEN HOUSE (or as much as possible)
✔️Extra local exposure with daily street signs
✔️Make it easy for buyers without an agent
✔️Lender present to prequalify on the spot

8. FINAL BIDDING ROUND Sunday night, Day 10
✔️All buyers are called for last chance to raise
✔️Opportunity to beat top bidder or drop out
✔️Bidding goes until highest price is reached

9. Approve price/terms & start escrow, Day 11
✔️Purchase contract is signed, escrow begins
✔️Deposit is collected, final inspections begin
✔️If buyer can’t perform, you have backups!

10. Close escrow (up to 30 days) and GET PAID
✔️Includes prep, 10 days on market & escrow
✔️May negotiate for tenants to stay if needed

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